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Featured Episode
Oobi at Work Now Hiring Hands Wiki Tour de Zork Zompany (7)

Tour de Zork Zompany

Tour de Zork Zompany is the eighth episode in the second season of Now Hiring Hands. It is the twenty-sixth segment in the series overall.

Summary: Boss Benge's arch-rival, Zoss Zehultzovich, invites the Work Building employees to his company to celebrate his forty-first birthday. However, when Boss sees how much his workers prefer Zoss Z's place over his own, he begins to think they want to stop working for him.

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Featured Character
Orango BASIC

Orango Fruitzen

Orango Fruitzen is the protagonist of the Oobi at Work spin-off, Now Hiring Hands. He is Oobi Wazzup's second cousin, twice removed, and shares many of Wazzup's characteristics. He is easygoing and fun-loving, always looking for an opportunity to relax. He originally decided to get a job at Boss Benge's Work Building to escape bankruptcy, but has since come to love his co-workers and intends to remain a Work Building employee for the rest of his life.

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Featured Location

Oobi at Work Now Hiring Hands Court Comedy Wazzup Orango Fruitzen IMDb Wiki Wikia (3)


Description: The courtroom is a location visited only in the unaired episode Court Comedy.

Looks: The walls of the room are a light green color. At the back of the room is a desk and chair, where the judge sits. In front of the desk are two wooden stands, where Oobi and Sue argue in the episode. In front of the stands are three rows of wooden seats, where the jury sits.

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Oobi at Work News

The final episodes in season two of the Oobi at Work spin-off Now Hiring Hands aired the first week of June 2015! You can read about them right here on Oobi at Work Wiki. Just choose a link below!

  1. Rude Mechanical Robopuppet (June 1)
  2. Hand on the Range (June 2)
  3. Orango Gets Served (June 3)
  4. Farmley Matters (June 4)
  5. Tour de Zork Zompany (June 5)
About Oobi at Work

Oobi at Work is a series of adventure-themed short films created in 2010 as a tribute to the phenomenal Noggin TV show, Oobi. The series follows the adventures of Oobi, who works at a large building run by the fun-loving Boss Benge.

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